Missouri License

Missouri Hunting and Fishing Licenses are available in the shop. Remenber, February 1st each year is the renewal date for your fishing license. Remember, Trout tags are required to fish the catch-n-release in the four parks during the winter.

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Missouri Fly Selection

Here are two essential fly selections for Missouri's most important species. Each are available at the shop now. One or both make great gift ideas for your favorite fly fisher man or woman. Both collections are in Hargrove's embossed fly boxes with ripple & flat foam inside.

tbox bbox
Trout Selection$25.00+ tax Smallmouth Selection $30.00+ tax
Black BettleHWY Safety Leech Rainey's HopperChartreuse Clouser
Parachute AdamsBlonde Leech ScorpionShenk's White Minnow
CracklebackBeadhead Prince Near-nuff SculpinWhitlock Crayfish
Elk Hair CaddisCopper John Murray's HellgrammiteSneaky Pete (2)
StimulatorPat's Rubber Leg Sneaky Pete (1)
HumpyGlo Ball
Thread Jig

Flyfisher's Guide to Missouri & Arkansas

Guide Book

"In this guidebook, we share our collective insight into flyfishing the major streams and lakes of these two wonderful states. Our goal is to provide information you will need to have a fun and successful fly-fishing trip to any one of the wonderful waters we discuss in Missouri and Arkansas. We cannot provide for your experience, but do wish to share ours.

Larry Kinder and Dan Limbaugh, Authors

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Tenkara Fishing Equipment

Tenkara Rod Tenkara Book Fishing with a Tenkara outfit is simple. There are many ways to cast and even different ways to hold the rod. The best part about it is, there is no wrong way to do it! If you can get the fly out into the water you are casting the right way. The key to Tenkara is finding out what works for you. Your Temple Fork Outfitters tenkara rod comes in a storage bag with integrated line holder and a spare rod tip and second section. Stop by the shop and learn more about this unique way of fishing.

Tenkara Flies Any fly can be used with your tenkara rod from dries to nymph. Ask Craig or Tommy about the special flies tied for use with the tenkara rod.

Tenkara Kit Purchase the rod, line, flies or book individually. Or, pick up every thing that you need to get started in the sport of Tenkara Fly Fishing by purchasing a Tenkara Fly Fishing kit. The kit includes a rod, line, leader, flies, an instructional book and a starting guide.

Tufts & Batson Bamboo Fly Rods

Bamboo Rod Bamboo Rod

With A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod open on the kitchen table, Amelia completed her first rod at the age of 22. Her effort impressed Daryll Whitehead. He immediately began teaching her the ways of constructing a fine rod.

Amelia believes each rod is a unique entity, taking on a life of its own in a body of work where every part is perfect.

It quickly became apparent to Gabe that although the bamboo itself is alive, not all bamboo rods are created equal. It's the maker's mind and hands working in unity that creates a truly unique work of art.

Tufts & Batson rods are made here in Maplewood, Missouri by Amelia Tufts & Gabe Batson. Their quality rods are agile, light and strong. You can contact them at 314.282.0359 or visit their website

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Check out a limited selection of rods, reels, fly fishing clothing and other fly fishing needs.

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