Winter Fishing Lakes in the St. Louis Area

Since 1989, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has stocked rainbow trout as part of the Urban Fishing Program in St. Louis City, later expanding to Kirkwood, Ferguson, Ballwin, Overland, Jennings and the August A. Busch Conservation Area.

In 2013, MDC stocked over 38,000 trout in twelve St. Louis City and County lakes and five lakes on the August A. Busch Conservation Area. The fish averaged 9-11" (with some over 18") and were raised at MDC hatcheries.

Trout-stocking begins in November and runs through February. Many lakes receive two stockings per month, while some (catch-and-release lakes) get stocked less. Stocking dates are not announced ahead of time, but are quickly reported to the Fish Stocking Hot Line: 636.300.9651.

All Anglers

  1. Age 16 through 64 must possess a valid Missouri fishing permit.
  2. Wanting to keep trout must possess a trout permit. (Catch-and-release anglers do not need a permit.)
  3. Are limited to one fishing pole, from November 1st -January 31th.
  4. May not use natural or scented baits as chum.

At Tilles Park Lake, Jefferson Lake-Forest Park, Koeneman Park Lake, Walker Lake, Wild Acres Park Lake and August A. Busch Conservation Area (lakes 21 and 28):

  1. All trout must be released unharmed.
  2. Only artificial baits (no natural or scented baits) can be used.
At Suson Park (lakes 1,2 and 3), Vlasis Park Lake, January-Wabash Park Lake, O'Fallon Park Lake, Boathouse Lake in Carondelet Park and August A. Busch Conservation Area (lakes 3,22 and 23) and, after January 31st, at Tilles, Koeneman, Jefferson, Walker, Wild Acres and Busch (lakes 21 and 28):
  1. Daily limit = 4.
  2. Possession limit = 8
  3. Any bait or lure may be used.
  4. No person shall continue to fish for any species after having four (4) trout in possession.

August A. Busch Conservation Area (lakes 3,21,22)August A. Busch Conservation Area (lakes 23,28)
Boathouse Lake - Carondelet Park (St. Louis)January-Wabash Lake (City of Ferguson)
Jefferson Lake - Forest Park (St. Louis)Koeneman Park Lake (City of Jennings)
O'fallon Park Lake (St. Louis City)Suson Park Lakes 1,2,3 (St. Louis County)
Tilles Park Lake (St. Louis County)Walker Laker (City of Kirkwood)
Wild Acres Park Lake (City of Overland)Vlasis Park Lake (City of Ballwin)

Leeches - Olive, Brown, Blonde
Egg Patterns - Multi-color and various colors
White Thread Jig - Big Hurt
Jigs - White, Pink, Two-colors
Marabou streamers of various colors

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