Hairy Leg Sow mBug

Another Hairy Leg Sow Bug
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This is a variation of George Born's, Little Red guide, pattern for imitating the sow bugs on the Little Red River in Arkansas. It can be fished anywhere sow bugs are present. It can be fished dead drifted, stripped or just swing it.

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Hook:TMC 2487 scud #14 and #16.
Thread:Danville Gray 6/0 Flymaster.
Bead:1/8 or 3/32 natural finish or Silver.
Body:Wapsi #260 Sowbug.
Ribbing:4X Mono or X-small silver wire (Optional for durability).
Hot Spot:Red dubbing material
Weight:Lead free wire .015 or .020 approximately seven wraps
LegsHungarian Partridge
CarapaceClear or cloudy scud back.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Hairy Leg Sow Bug under an indicator as a nymph pattern.

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