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Anna K
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Ron McQuay the originator of the Anna "K" is a fly tier, guide, and a fixture in the fly fishing world on the White River and Norfork Rivers near Mountain Home, Arkansas. Ron is one of those guy's that knows fly fishing; when Ron speaks, people listen. Ron developed the Anna "K" to use as an emerger pattern to imitate the caddis hatch in the area. However, the fly can be used as a blue-gill or panfish fly. The Anna "K" is named after his granddaughter, but it's anything but a child's fly.

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Hook:TMC 102Y, size 17 or TMC 100, size 16.
Thread:8/0 Uni-thread, Black
Body:Kreinic Metallic Thread or Wapsi Mini Sparkle Braid.
Collar:Black Superfine Dubbing.
Wing:Pearl Midge Flash.
Soft Hackle:Whiting Brahma Hen Saddle or Partridge.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Anna K as a typical soft hackle casting down and away. Let the fly swing in the current.

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