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Blue Back Woolly Bugger
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A Harrisburg, Pennsylvania fly tier, Russell Blessing tied the first "Buggers". He added a marabou tail to a woolly worm fly, to help suggest a swimming movement as the fly was retrieved in the water. He found that even if fished dead-drift the fly still had movement. The woolly worm is a very old fly that can be found in Izaak Walton's 1653 book 'The Compleat Angler'. Russell's original Woolly Bugger had a black marabou tail, and a black hackled olive chenille body, He had designed it to fish the small mouth bass in the streams near his home. He had been trying to imitate the dobsonfly lava. The Blue Back is a variation of this original pattern.

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Hook:Streamer Hook 2X-4X Size 8-12.
Thread:Olive 6/0
Body:Peacock Herl.
Weight:.020 or .025 Lead Wire
Tail:Olive Marabou
Hackle:Olive Saddle Hackle
Carapace:Blue Marabou

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Blue Back Woolly Bugger under an indicator with slight jiggles of the fly. Fish the Blue Back Woolly Bugger down and accross letting it swing in the current. Fish the Blue Back woolly Bugger as a streamer stripping the pattern.

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