CDC Beetle
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This Leech Pattern was developed by Mike Kruse of the Missouri Department of Conservation. This particular version was developed at T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, Inc. Shop and is distinguished by a specific mohair color developed by Tommy. The mohair yarn for this pattern can only be purchased at the shop. Stop by and pick up a pack of the yarn. It has proven to be effective on any water for trout (Might even catch a smallmouth).

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Hook: 3X Long Size 12 - 8
Thread: Light Cahill 8/0
Weight:Lead wire to hook size.
Body: Blonde Mohair Leech Yarn
Tail:Ginger Marabou

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Blonde Leech under an indicator with twitches or strip it as a streamer.

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Tying Instructions

Flies or materials are available at T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, Inc.

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