Sow Bug

Born Hairy Leg Sow Bug
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The Born's Hairy Leg Sow Bug is a pattern tied by guide George Born to fish on the Little Red tailwater in Arkansas. It is a very effective pattern and a must if you are going to fish the Little Red.

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Hook:TMC 2487 scud #14 and #16.
Thread:Danville Gray 6/0 Flymaster.
Bead:1/8 or 3/32 Natural finish or Silver.
Body:Wapsi #260 Sowbug.
Ribbing:4X Mono or X-small silver wire(Optional for durability).
Weight:Lead free wire .015 or .020 approximately seven wraps
HackleHungarian Partridge

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Born Hairy Leg Sow Bug under an indicator like a nymph.

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