Hairy Leg Sow mBug

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Although the name of the fly would lead you to believe that it is an Ant pattern only, It is often used to represent a hopper. It is also a great fly to attach a dropper.

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Hook: Dai-Riki 700 - Size 8-10.
Thread: 6/0 Color to match foam body.
Body: Fun foam - 2 or 3 mm. Color to match the hoppers in your area.
Legs: Color to match foam body.
Underbody: SLF Prism or Ice Dubbing.
Hackle (Optional):Grizzly or Match the body color.
Indicator:2mm Bright color Fun Foam.

Fishing Hints:
The Chernobylant is a good ant pattern that can also be fished as a hopper pattern. Fish the Chernobylant in the surface film.

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