Chironomid Pupa
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This pattern is meant to be a chironomid-midge pupa but could easily pass for a mayfly nymph or stonefly nymph. The abdomen here has a unique look (underwrap of pearl tinsel and overwrap of red vinyl wrap).

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Hook:200R Size 16-18
Thread:Black 10/0 or 12/0
Tail:White Antron or Fluro-fiber.
Bead:Black or Natural Tungsten sized accordingly
Body:Medium Pearl Tinsel
Rib:Red vinyl, red thread or red wire (Prefer transulant material). Also, try black material.
Thorax:Peacock Herl
Wing Pad:Thin Skin, Swiss Straw or any black material.
Gills:White Antron or Fluro-fiber.

Fishing Hints:
The pupa is fished under an indicator as with any midge or nymph.

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Tying Instructions

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