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Copper John Rubber Legs
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The Copper John is the creation of fly tier John Barr. In designing the fly, John wanted something that could be fished in pocket water meaning it must sink quickly. The copper tungsten bead, wire body, lead under the bead (optional), and epoxy wing pad makes this one heavy fly. It is a good fly to use as the top fly on a two fly rig. This variation of the original finds its effectiveness in the movement of the legs.

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Hook: Mustad 9671 or 9672 size 10-16. (Scud hook can also be used.
Thread:Black 8/0.
Body:Copper wire.
Tails:Brown Goose Biots.
Weight:Copper Bead to size of hook or one size larger.
Weight:Lead wire
Thorax:Peacock Herl.
LegsRound Rubber Legs - Black.
Wing Pads:Mylar Tinsel covered with a drop of expoxy

Fishing Hints:
Fish under an indicator. Great fly for the top fly in a two fly rig.

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Tying Instructions

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