Craig's Clouser
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The original Clouser Deep Minnow is a creation of Bob Clouser of Middletown, Pennsylvania. In 1988 Bob tied the pattern to use when fishing for smallmouth bass. Today, this fly is tied in many ways using many different kinds of material. Craig ties this version in the shop and has found it to be successful for smallies. Craig points out that the color of Krystal Flash should match the color of the forage fish in the water you are fishing.

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Hook: Dai-Riki 810 Size 2.
Thread: 210 White Waxed Nylon.
Underbody: White Deer tail.
Overbody: Hairline Minnow Back Skimmer Fring - Pearl Olive UV Blue Black.
Lateral Line:Gold Krystal Flash.
Weight:Medium Dumbbell Eyes.

Fishing Hints:
Fish like any streamer pattern.

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Tying Instructions

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