Dry Woolly Series
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The Dry Woolly is a pattern that has been around for some time. (A slight improvement involves using peacock herl as a carapace to keep the hackle from slipping.) Many fly tying lessons begin with this fly because of it's ease of tying and the number of techniques that can be taught. With the development of new fly tying materials a new body material has become popular with many tiers. The use of holograph tinsel has added some sparkle and variation to this old stand by.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 300 Size 10-22.
Thread:black 6/0 or match the body color.
Hackle:Brown, Furnace or Grizzly.
Body:Holographic Tinsel - color of choice.
Carapace:Peacock Herl.

Fishing Hints:
Grease the hackle and fish as a dry fly. Also, cast across or quarter down stream and fish as a dry fly. Once the fly has come to the end of the float pull it under water and strip it back.

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Tying Instructions

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