Tail Water Jig

Dally's Tail Water Jig
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A great pattern that comes from Dally's Fly shop in Cotter, Arkanss. It is used to fish the White and Norfork Rivers in Arkansas, but is effective in any tail water. Tie it in sizes 14 -18 and use verious colors of wire. Black and silver wire can be very effective.

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Hook:50 degree jig hook.
Thread:Color to match the dominate wire color.
Body:Three strands of wire. Two strands of one color and one strand of a contrasting color.
Weight:Tungstgen slotted bead color to match the body. Try nickel for a black and silver body.
Tail:CDL Tailing Feather fibers.
Thorax:Ice Dubbing Peacock

Fishing Hints:
Fish the jig under an indicator working it along the bottom.

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Tying Instructions

Note: The video tying instructions and the written directions may vary.

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