Evie's Blue Gill Fly
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With the Blue Gill becoming active, this is a great pattern to entice them to eat. Although probably first tied by someone else, this pattern was developed by Al Bourisaw for use on still water lakes. It has also proven popular with large mouth bass.

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Hook:Mustad 3366 Size 8.
Thread:Red 6/0.
Eyes:Medium black bead chain eyes (2 beads).
Body:Micro Pearl Chenille or Fluorescent Chartreuse.
Tail:Chartreuse round rubber leg material.
Wing:Black Barred Blood Marabou Chartreuse.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Evie under and indicator or strip slowly without and indicator. The bead chain eyes allow the fly to sink slowly and many eats come as the fly descends.

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Tying Instructions

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