Experienced Caddis Pupa
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The Experienced Caddis Pupa is a pattern developed by Chris Gates for the North Fork of the White and Arkansas Tailwaters. This pattern works well on the NFOW from early April through August. It works well during the Ryhacophiia hatch on the White in Arkansas. This pattern will work just about anywhere that there are green bodied caddis hatching. It is especially effective on the front end of a hatch.

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Hook:Scud hook Size 12-14.
Thread:Black 8/0.
Weight:7/64 Nickel Bead.
Body:Caddis Green Ice Dubbing.
Rib:clear Vinyl D Rib in midge size.
Wing:Deer hair with 3 strands of Crystal Flash.
Collar:Peacock Ice Dubbing.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the pupa under a small indicator anywhere in the water column.

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