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According to the Fisherman Blog (true or false?) the story behind the popularity of the goes back to a world championship event. A young French kid was kicking butt and taking names at a world championship event a number of years ago. Not wanting to be "that guy,” no one asked him what was affixed to the end of his tippet during the event, but everyone wanted to see his fly box upon the event’s conclusion. Expecting immaculately-tied, realistic patterns, most were shocked to see a fly box full of simply-tied bugs that were essentially bare-bones pheasant tails.

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Hook:You use a wide variety of hooks and sizes to keep the pattern evolving in your box. The fly can be tied from 10-18 in an array of different hook styles.
Thread:Use fluorescent threads - orange, pink and chartreuse in sizes 12/0 to 8/0.
Weight:Different colored beads - pink, chartreuse (Hot spots),copper, gold, etc.
Body:Pheasant tail – but play with lots of colors such as olive, red, black.
Ribbing:Copper wire to size.
Collar:UV Ice Dubbing.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Frenchie as you would any nymph pattern below an indicator.

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Tying Instructions

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