Green Butt

Green Butt Soft Hackle
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The Green Butt Caddis is an emerger that was developed by John Berry of Berry Brothers Guide Service out of Mountain Home, Arkansas. John tied the fly to use during the caddis hatch in March/April/May on the White River. The soft hackle fly is an excellent emerger pattern that can be used any time a green body caddis is hatching.

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Hook:TMC 102Y, Sizes 15.
Thread:Black 8/0.
Egg Sack:Fluorescent chartreuse thread or silk.
Body:Peacock Herl.
Ribbing:Gold fine wire.
Hackle:Hungarian Partridge.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Green Butt by casting across or down and across the stream letting the fly float somewhere in the water column. Mend up or down stream depending upon how deep you want to fish the fly.

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Tying Instructions

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