The Griffith Gnat
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George Griffith is one of the founding fathers of Trout Unlimited, the international angling and conservation, and the earliest TU meetings happened in his house on the Au Sable River, near Grayling. The Griffith‘s gnat works magic on Michigan Rivers and many other rivers as well. But there‘s a bit of a mystery surrounding the Griffith‘s gnat‘s true heritage. Some say George Griffith invented it. Some say he worked with a friend to invent it, but did not actually tie the first one himself. Some say a friend of Griffith‘s invented it and just named it after him. Some say Griffith himself denied inventing it.

Griffith's Gnat is the most effective adult midge pattern ever tied, period.

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Hook: Tiemco 100 size 16-24.
Thread:Black 8/0 or 12/0.
Body:Peacock Herl.
Hackle:Grizzly saddle or neck hackle.

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