Hackle Stacker

Hackle Stacker Midge
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Rising winter fish are almost invariably eating chironomids. Those sippers are usually taking emergers which can be imitated using the Hacklestacker Midge. The pattern was illustrated in the Winter 2011 issue of Fly Tyer magazine.

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Hook:TMC 2487, Sizes 16-20.
Thread:Black 8/0.
Body:Tying Thread.
Ribbing:Fine Silver wire.
Hackle Post:4X monofilament.
Hackle:Grizzly Neck.
Thorax:Black Superfine dubbing.

Fishing Hints:
Fish this midge as you would any emerger or midge throughout the water column. Fish it with or without an indicator.

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Tying Instructions

Note: The video tying instructions and the written directions may vary.

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