Mayhem Midge
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The Mayhem is commonly used a nymph or an emerger. Use it in the surface film where all the great frenzied action takes place or sink it as a nymph or dropper. Although called a midge, it is great for mayfly patterns. It can be tied in various colors, but olive and black seem to be the best.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 070 #16-20
Thread:Olive (or color of choice) 8/0
Rib:Small Gold Wire.
Body:Olive Thread (or color of choice).
TailOlive Antron Yarn (or match body).
Thorax:Peacock Herl.
Carapace:Razor Foam Grey
Legs:Grizzly Hackle.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Mayhem under an indicator.

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Tying Instructions

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