Mini Hopper
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The Mini Hopper was provided by our friend and fishing pal, David Cochran. Dave picked up the pattern somewhere in his fishing travels throughout the West. Try using different colors of Fun Foam and body dubbing to match the hoppers in your area. Great pattern for trout as well as blue gill.

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Hook:TMC 100 or 300, size 14.
Thread:8/0 Black.
Thorax Carapace:3/8" wide 2mm Fun Foam (Color of choice).
Body:Black Super Fine dubbing or color to match Fun Foam.
Legs:Round rubber or Sili legs.
Wings:Deer Hair, Elk Hair or Caribou Hair (Mule Deer Hair personal favorite)
Under Wing>Krystal Flash

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Hopper in the surface film. Treat the wings as you would any hopper or dry fly.

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Tying Instructions

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