Mop Dragon

Mop Dragon
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Flies using dust mop material have been around for many years now. Mop flies, as they are known, are embraced by some and scorned by others. The argument about them still rages, but the one thing that cannot be disputed is that the flies tied using mop material catch fish, a lot of fish! This variation makes a good blue gill pattern. Keep a few in your fly box and you won't be disappointed.

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Hook:Tmc 2302 size 8 or equivalent.
Thread:6/0 Uni Brown.
Weight:Large black bead chain lashed to the underside of the shank.
Body:Tan mop fiber or white tinted with permanebt marker to match the natural.
Thorax:Dark Olive SLF squirrel dubbing or equivalent
Legs:Brown Emu or Hen Hackle feather.
Wing Case:Mottled brown or black Medallion sheeting or Swiss Straw.
Glue:Solar or equivalent.

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Tying Instructions

Flies or materials are available at T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, Inc.

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