Pat's Rubber Legs
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Patís Rubber Leg Stonefly has many aliases but is all referring to a similar pattern. Rubber leg stones, the pickle, ugly bug etc. This fly pattern is a favorite not only due to its success but because of its simplicity. It mimics a stonefly nymph in a way that fish seem to enjoy. During the month of march all the way to may when runoff comes, this pattern is always a good fly to tie on. The key to this fly is tying it heavy and tying the legs long so they flail about in the water as it rolls along the bottom.

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HookTMC 5263 (Any 3XL-4XL hook), Size 4-10.
Thread:Color of body 8/0.
Weight:.020 to .035 lead wire sized to hook.
Body:Variegated Medium Chenille. Popular color is black/coffee.
Antenna:Brown or Black Rubber Legs.
Legs:Brown or Black Rubber Legs.
Tail:Bronw or Black Rubber Legs.

Fishing Hints:
Fish pat's Rubber Legs under an inducator. Makes a great stonefly pattern.

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