Super Hair Baetis

Pineapple Nymph
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The pattern was tied at one of the Tuesday night fly tying class at the shop. The fly was tied by Eric and was inspired by his fly fishing trip to Italy

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Hook:Sixty degree jig hook. Sz 10-18.
Thread:Black 8/0.
Body:Green Holographic Tinsel.
Weight:Copper Tungsten Bead Head sized to hook.
Tail:CDL Barbules from a CDC Feather.
Thorax:Brown Olive Prism Dubbing.
Wing Pod:Yellow Floss

Fishing Hints:
Fish the jig under an indicator working it along the bottom.

-Reel Up-


Tying Instructions

Flies or materials are available at T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, Inc.

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