Pine Squirrel Sculpin
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The Pine Squirrel Sculpin is a pattern that is tied by Craig Stephens, T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, Inc shop manager. It is a quick, easy tie that does a nice job of imitating a sculpin. Tie it in natural, olive, black, rust, purple pine aquirrel to match the color of sculpin found in the water you are fishing. Hook sizes range from a 12 to 4 in 2XL.

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Hook:TMC 5262 or Gamachashiu B10S Sizes 12-4.
Thread:Match color of pine squirrel 6/0.
Body:Pine Squirrel strips - Natural, Black, Olive, Rust or Purple.
Weight:Bar-bell eyes sized to hook. I like to paint the eyes red with a black dot.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the sculpin under an indicator with small twitches or strip it as a streamer.

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