Poison Tung

Poison Tung
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Among the many theories about fly pattern choices, is that during the winter, patterns featuring lots of blue tend to do better in deeper runs where there is less light. Supposedly this is because the fly color attracts the most light and makes it most visible underwater for trout to feed. The Poison Tongue Midge is meant for this exact application when you are on the river. The fly catches fish on picky tailwaters and in freestone rivers where trout are eager to feed on midges that flow by them.

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Hook: Dai-Riki 060 size 18-20.
Thread:Blue Dun 8/0.
Body:Blue Dun thread.
Thorax:UV Ice Dubbing Dun.
Ribbing:Extra small blue wire.
Bead:5/64 Nickel tungsten.

Fishing Hints:
The Poison Tong Midge is best fished as a dropper below a dry fly or as part of a 2 fly nymph rig as the bottom fly.

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