Root Beer Emerger

Root Beer Emerger
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The Root Beer Midge was developed by tier, Mike Swederska. It can be a life saver during a hatch at Bennet Springs or on other waters. The best size is 18, but a size 20 probably would be taken just as readily.

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Hook:Dai Riki #125 size 16-20 / Daiichi 1160 size 18-20.
Thread:Ultra Thread 70 Denier Rusty Brown.
Tail:Hare Line, Root Beer Crystal Flash five pieces.
Body:Tying thread.
Ribbing:Fine Copper Wire.
Hackle:Furnace Hackle.
Under Wing:Hare Line Root Beer Crystal Flash five Pieces.
Thorax:Tying thread and the black of the furnace hackle.
Head:Tying thread.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the emerger in the sufface film. It works great when trout are sipping and not really breaking the surface. Only use silicone on the hackle to keep the fly up and dry. Let the body soak up the water and sink. The fly is very hard to see on the water as the sun goes down, so play the take. After every fish, use desiccant on the whole fly.

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