Rubber Legs Fox Squirrel
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The Rubber Leg Fox Squirrel nymph is one of Dave Whitlock better patterns. The movement of the legs and hackle collar makes it a tempting food source for trout. This is one of customer Dave Bade favorite fly and is sometimes referred to as the Bade Special.

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Hook:TMC 5262, Size 10-16.
Thread:Brown or Orange 6/0.
Weight:Tungsten Bead to hook size.
Body:Fox Squirrel Belly Fur Dubbing.
Tail:Guard Hairs from Fox Squirrel back.
Legs:Sli Legs Orange Barred.
Ribbing:Copper wire to hook size.
Thorax:Fox Squirrel back fur dubbing.
Collar: (Optional)Partridge

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