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Save Our Skin (SOS)
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Spencer Higa, came up with a great little multipurpose nymph pattern a few years ago. Spencer is the head guide and fishing manager at Falcon's Ledge out in the Uinta Basin, so needless to say, he sees a lot of picky fish on a daily basis. The S.O.S. (Save Our Skin) fly was originated to act as an imitation for a variety of mayflies as well as midges.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 125, Size 16 - 20.
Thread:Black 8/0.
Body:Black thread.
Tail:Black Hackle or Black Pheasant Tail
Rib:Silver wire.
Legs:Black Krystal Flash two strands
Bead:Nickle 3/32 for size 16, 5/64 for size 18 or 1/16 for size 20
Wing Pad:Medium red holographic material.
Thorax:Black Ice Dubbing or Black UV Dubbing.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the SOS as a midge pattern usually under an indicator any where in the water column fish aare sighted.

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Tying Instructions

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