Super Hair Baetis

SuperHair Baetis
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The pattern is a slight variation of Charlie Cravens's Jujubee Midge. Add a tail to the Jujubee Midge and you have the superHair Baetis.

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Hook:TMC 060 or equivalent. Sz 20-18.
Thread:White 12/0 and Black 12/0.
Body:Two strands Olive and one strand of Black Superhair.
Tail:Coq-de-Leon Barbules.
Legs:Grey Fluro Fiber.
Wing Pads:Grey Fluro Fiber
Thorax:Black Tying Thread.

Fishing Hints:
Fish under an indicator as the bottom fly in a two fly rig with top fly serving as a weight to get the SH Baetis down in the water column. Swing the SH Baetis in the surface film as you would a soft hackle.

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Tying Instructions

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