Tailwater Tiny

Tailwater Tiny
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I came across this pattern a number of years ago, up in Montana, at Tim Tollett’s Frontier Anglers in Dillon. It is a killer pattern on tailwaters. Tie this pattern in black with a big black thorax, black tail and silver wire for a good trico imitation. It can also be tied in other colors such as rusty brown.

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Hook:TMC 2488 #18-20
Thread:Danville Brown (Or color of choice) 8/0
Bead:5/64 or 3/32 Copper (Optional)
Rib:Smalll Copper Wire.
Body:Thread Danville Brown.
TailWood Duck.
Thorax:Brown Squirrel.
Wings:Flashabou Pearl
Wing Pad:Black Goose Biot

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Tailwater Tiny under an indicator. lso, great as the bottom fly in a two fly rig.

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Tying Instructions

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