Thin Mint

Thin Mint Streamer
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First learned of this fly from customers who fish Lake Taneycommo on a regular basis.Probably a good fly to have in your fly box when fishing the lake. The tail can be tied in many colors. Use your imagination.

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Hook:Streamer hook Size 8-10 and 2XL-3XL.
Thread:Brown 7/0.
Body:Peacock Herl. Remenber this is a THIN MINT so not too many herls.
Weight:Tungsten Bead per size of hook.
Tail:Three color of marabou - Olive, brown, and black. Add a flash of krystal flash to the tail.
Hackle:Brown saddle.
Ribbing:Copper wire.

Fishing Hints:
Fish the Thin Mint as you would any streamer.

-Reel Up-


Tying Instructions

Note: The video tying instructions and the written directions may vary.

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