Two Bit Hooker

Two Bit Hooker
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This small Charlie Craven pattern could be anyone of many mayflies or midges. It is a pattern that is good in faster water as the two bead help to sink the fly quickly. Try using various body colors such as olive, tan or other.

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Hook:Various hooks such as the TMC 2499 or TMC 3769.
Thread:Brown 8/0 or smaller
Wings Pad:Medium Opal Mirage Tinsel
Body:Brown tying thread
Tail:Brown India Hen Back fiber or equivalent
Rib:X-SM black wire or 14/0 black thread
Thorax: Rusty Brown Superfine dubbing
Legs: Brown India Hen Back fiber or equivalent
Coating:5 minute epoxy

Fishing Hints:
Fish under an indicator.

-Reel Up-

Tying Instructions

Note: The video tying instructions and the written directions may vary.

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