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WD - 40
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This fly was first tied in 1982 for Colorado's Frying Pan River, by Mark Engler. It imitates the larger midges that get trapped in the shuck for extended periods. It is more a style of midge emerger than a specific pattern. Thread and dubbing can be chosen to match the color of any natural, the most popular colors being Olive, Black, Dark Brown, Gray, and Rust. The WD stands for "Wood Duck", of which each pattern uses this material for the tail and wingcase. The original WD-40 had an olive thread body and a muskrat thorax. There are some substitutions in which the Wood Duck wingcase has been replaced by Krystal Flash or Razor Foam. You can also easily incorporate legs to the pattern by utilizing the butt ends of the wingcase rather than trimming them flush to the shank.

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Hook:TMC 2487, Size 18-24.
Thread:8/0 UNI Thread Olive.
Body:Olive UNI Thread 8/0 Olive.
Wing Case:Lemon Wood Duck.

Fishing Hints:
Fish under an indicator.

-Reel Up-

Tying Instructions

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