Weighted San Juan Worm

Weighted San Juan Worm
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The San Juan worm can be tied in many color - red, organge, pink, purple, etc. The fly is especially good during high water.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 060 or 070 #12.
Thread:Red 8/0 or smaller (or color to match worm).
Body:Red Medium Ultra Chenille (or color to match worm).
Bead:1/8 Silver tungsten (or size to choice).
Glue:Super Glue

Fishing Hints:
The Weighted San Juan Worm can be fished under an indicator as the first fly of a two fly rig. The weighted worm serves as both an attractor and weight to get the rig down. It can be fished in many ways such as the bottom fly in a rig in fast water.

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Tying Instructions

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