White Tail Midge

White Tail Midge
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The White Tail Midge is a creation of Davy Wooton, White River Guide, fly tier and lecture. This is one of Davy's go-to flies on the White River, but is successful any where midges are fished. The pattern is also tied in black. This version deviates slightly from the original pattern, but is just as effective.

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Hook: Tiemco 100 Size 18-20.
Thread:Black .
Body:Red or Black Holographic Tinsel.
Bead (Optional):Natural or Nickel sized to hook.
Rib:Silver wire sized to hook.
Tail:White Marabou.
Thorax:Peacock Herl or Synthetic Peacock Dubbing.

Fishing Hints:
Fish under an indicator.

-Reel Up-

Tying Instructions

Flies or materials are available at T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, Inc.

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